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Lace Up and Get Fit

Increase your strength and become healthier when you train at Tony's Boxing Gym of Washington, DC. The skills you learn from boxing will not only help your physical self but will keep your mind sharp and alert. Our sports training specialist knows what it takes to help you to reach your maximum potential. Boxing serves as a great hobby for those who are in need of a positive change in their life.


Learning How to Box Has Its Perks

Improve how you feel about yourself when you train with our expert staff. Boxing strengthens your cardiovascular health, which helps burn calories and maintains your weight. You will also see an increase in total-body strength through the various exercises we provide. Our program will improve your stress level, as this type of exercise increases endorphins, which works to reduce stress, making you feel better in life.

The Best Activity to Have In Your Life

Become a well-respected person when you choose to strap on a pair of gloves and train with us. Boxing is the perfect hobby for many young individuals who need some guidance in their life. Your trainer, Anthony E. Bell, Sr., understands the difficulties many people go through, and is not only available for training, but youth counseling as well. When you're ready to maximize your overall sports performance, come and check us out.

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